Unit 1 – Simon Fraser University

Workers in clerical, support, library and technical positions at SFU.

FAQ re: SFU (Unit 1) Notice of Restructure

Collective Agreement

Collective agreements contain an “evergreen clause” which means they continue until a new CA has been negotiated and ratified–see Article 56.03.

Sick Leave Protocol


Refer to the language in the collective agreement for a comprehensive list of employee benefits. Refer to the SFU HR resources page for Unit 1 staff for detailed information on benefits, forms, application deadlines, sick leave, and more. Log in to your account with Blue Cross for full details on extended health  and dental benefits.

Benefits managed by SFU

The Learning Opportunities Fund and Tuition Waiver are managed by SFU.

Learning Opportunities Fund (LOF)
The Local negotiated a fund, administered by SFU, to enable continuing employees of Unit 1 (SFU) members to access Job Related courses (courses, seminars, workshops or conferences) that will enhance each employee’s performance and develop her/his skills and abilities.

Tuition Waiver
Tuition for SFU credit courses is waived for Continuing CUPE Employees and their Dependents. Details on eligibility, deadlines, and procedures are on the tuition waiver form itself.

Review the procedures, requirements, and download the application form either of this benefits from Support for Learning: CUPE staff

The SFU Pension Plan

Many employees do not have a pension plan through their employer. For those employees, retirement may not be as comfortable as it should be after a lifetime of working.

As a CUPE Local 3338 member and and eligible for the pension, you will automatically be enrolled in the SFU Admin/Union Pension Plan.

Pension plans are essentially deferred wages you earn now so you can collect the benefit after you retire. The provisions of the plan are laid out in the Pension Plan text.


Please call or email the Union office for contact info of the steward in your area, along with details of your department and position.

Training and Development Fund for Lifeguards and Temporary Workers

The Training and Development Fund is available to temporary employees and lifeguards of Unit 1 (SFU). The fund is administered by the Union. Please carefully read the policy below and contact the Secretary-Treasurer for the application form to apply for funding [treasurer@cupe3338.ca]