Training and Development Fund for Lifeguards and Temporary Workers

The Training and Development Fund is available to temporary employees and lifeguards of Unit 1(SFU). The fund is administered by the Union. Please carefully read the policy below and contact the Secretary-Treasurer for the application form to apply for funding []




For Members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 3338 in Temporary Positions at Simon Fraser University (SFU),
effective April 1, 2016 to 
(SEE: Appendix M of the Unit 1 Collective Agreement)


The Training and Development Fund shall help temporary employees of CUPE Local 3338 acquire skills and training that will increase their opportunities for permanent employment and shall also provide bursaries to member-lifeguards.



    1. Member –a member in good standing of CUPE Local 3338 in a non-continuing, temporary position at Simon Fraser University.
    2. Job Related Course – a course (including seminars, workshops and/or conferences) that adds value to a member’s performance of their duties and responsibilities for their current or future position at Simon Fraser University.
    3. Job Specific Course – a course that is required in order to perform a specific task in the member’s current position. For example, an EXCEL course for a member in a position that now requires the use of EXCEL spreadsheets.
    4. Union –CUPE Local 3338
    5. Year –refers to the annual fiscal period April 1st to March 31st.




The member will apply to the Union for approval of funding prior to the registration of their course. The member will then register for their course, pay all registration fees, and send an application form and all supporting documentation (such as course description and receipts) to the CUPE Local Union Office, AQ5132, for reimbursement by the Union. NOTE: It is understood that lifeguards are not required to seek prior approval for courses required by the employer (NLS & CPR), as per Article 22, in Appendix J of the Unit 1 Collective Agreement.


Effective the Spring 2021 semester members working as a Lifeguard are eligible for a $450.00 bursary in the semester they are employed. CUPE Local 3338 will confirm employment with the SFU Athletics and Recreation department at the start of each semester (January, May, September).  Bursaries will be dispersed to Lifeguards before the end of each semester.


The Union will process applications and reimburse the member within 30 days of receipt of a properly completed application.



  1. The member must be a member in good standing and an employee of SFU at the time of the commencement of the Training and Development funding course.
  2. Members must apply for Training and Development funds prior to, and as far as advance as possible to, the commencement of the course.
  3. Additional funding available per fiscal year, per member, up to a maximum of $1000.00. This additional funding is subject to  approval by the CUPE Local 3338 Executive Board.
  4. A member may attend a “Job Related Course” with costs greater than the maximum annual amount allowed under the Training and Development Fund; however, any excess costs must be borne by the member.
  5. There shall be no carry over of any unused portion of a member’s annual maximum entitlement to the following fiscal year.
  6. A member is required to attend and participate in a “Job Related Course” for which they have registered unless the member has an acceptable reason for withdrawal. Acceptable reasons include departmental operational requirements and circumstances which result in any of the leaves from work which are provided under the terms of the Collective Agreement. An employee may request approval to withdraw for another reason, but the granting of the request will be at the discretion of the Union. A member withdrawing from a “Job Related Course” is required to give as much notice as possible to the Union.
  7. Any cancellation fee or other related cost of withdrawal will be paid by the member.
  8. The Training and Development Fund may cover membership or association fees, and/or conference fees. Note: this policy does not cover travel expenses or accommodation to/from the training course and/or conference.
  9. The operational requirements of the member’s department must be considered when the member is preparing and applying for funding.



Each recipient member is responsible for determining the tax implications of any funding they are awarded from the Training and Development Fund and for paying any taxes owed as the result of funding they receive from the Training and Development Fund.



Questions of interpretation or administration of this fund or its procedures shall be referred to the Union. The Union has the sole and final authority in the interpretation and administration of the Training and Development Fund.

Contact the Secretary-Treasurer for the application form to apply for funding or any related questions [].