BEST (Unit 4) Layoffs

Dear 3338 Members,

It is with our deepest regret that CUPE 3338 has to provide this update. SFU has been engaged in several measures across all employee groups to cut operating costs due to its budget constraints. One of these measures included reducing the levels of work needed by BEST Service Pros, which will result in fewer shifts and positions for BEST workers across all of SFU’s campuses.

As a result, last week (April 4-6, 2024), Best Service Pros issued 23 Notices of Layoff between April 4-6, 2024. CUPE was blindsided by the Notice of Layoff announcement, as we were given the impression by SFU senior leadership that SFU’s cost-cutting would not result in layoffs within BEST.

CUPE representatives were in meetings with both BEST and SFU over the past two weeks strongly advocating against this action and to protect our members’ rights. CUPE was not able to prevent the layoffs from happening and CUPE reps were present with members as they faced one of the most stressful situations in a career.

Our members working for BEST, your colleagues, are among the most marginalized and vulnerable staff working on all three SFU campuses and they provide an essential service to all of SFU.

CUPE will continue to work tirelessly in the background on behalf of the members, ensuring impacted employees receive everything they are legally entitled to in this process. CUPE is currently seeking mediation with the Labour Relations Board (LRB) under Section 54 of the BC Labour Code.

We will update the membership once we have more information to share regarding these Notices of Layoff, the impacts these will have on the entire CUPE 3338 membership and what we can all do to show our support for these members in this uncertain and concerning time.

In Solidarity and on Behalf of the Executive Board,
Shaneza Bacchus, President