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Local 3338 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees represents over 1200 workers, mainly at SFU campuses. Our diverse membership is spread among 7 Bargaining Units, with 7 different employers.

Stalled talks prompt call for action

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Unit 1 Bargaining Bulletin#2, July 6, 2012

We have now met with the employer 16 times in the past two years. Here’s where we are following our latest meeting on Friday, June 29:

The Employer

  • Refuses to present a wage offer.
  • Refuses to discuss a significant money saving proposal made by the union that could also improve labour relations.
  • Refuses to reinstate the LTD appeal process unless our sick leave benefits are gutted.
  • Refuses to remove any concessions from their proposal made at the start of bargaining.

No progress despite employer’s Savings Plan

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By the Numbers

Years since our contract expired: 2
Months of face-to-face negotiations: 20
Number of bargaining sessions: 15
Progress so far: Net ‘0’

Despite the continued hard work of our bargaining committee and all the time spent at the negotiating table, we have not reached agreement with SFU on any substantive proposals for a new collective agreement. In fact, the employer is still pushing for concessions on many of our rights, including: