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Local 3338 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees represents over 1200 workers, mainly at SFU campuses. Our diverse membership is spread among 7 Bargaining Units, with 7 different employers.

Bargaining Update

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January 31, 2013

Unit 1 Members:

Late yesterday we received a written response from President Petter, indicating that he had asked the “University staff directly involved in bargaining [to] correspond with you in relation to this matter as soon as

Subsequently, the Union Office received a letter from Dario Nonis, Director of Human Resources, advising: “You should be aware that the University has received a legal opinion that the Board decision is seriously flawed on both procedural and substantive grounds and therefore wrongly decided. As a result, the University is proceeding with an application for reconsideration of this matter.”

In closing, Dario wrote: “Once our application if [sic] filed next week our counsel will contact CUPE’s counsel in regards to next steps.”

Lynne Fowler,
CUPE 3338 President.

Still Waiting for a Contract

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January 29, 2013


Your Union is ready and waiting to return to the bargaining table — all we need is someone from SFU to sit down and negotiate. However, we have yet to hear from the university about when they are willing to return to
the bargaining table.

The university administration had said it wanted to wait for the outcome of our “bargaining in bad faith” case before continuing bargaining. That ruling came down a week ago, with the LRB agreeing with us that SFU
engaged in unfair labour practices by keeping the pension plan tied to our bargaining.

The LRB issued its decision Monday Jan. 21, finding that “the University’s attempt to keep the Pension Plan on the bargaining table is a breach of Sections 11 and 47 of the Code”.

With that blockage removed, CUPE 3338 is ready to return to the table. After nearly three years without a contract, we have no other outstanding bargaining issues preventing us from settling a new collective agreement
in line with every other CUPE staffed university in the province.

Today we sent a letter to the university administration asking when we can expect to return to the bargaining table.

Lynne Fowler,
CUPE 3338 President.