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Local 3338 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees represents over 1200 workers, mainly at SFU campuses. Our diverse membership is spread among 7 Bargaining Units, with 7 different employers.

CUPE National Support for our Local

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This will be another busy year for CUPE 3338.  Unit 3 (SFSS Food and Beverage) is currently at the bargaining table while Unit 1 (SFU support staff); Unit 5 (SFSS Advocacy) and Unit 7 (SFPIRG) return to the bargaining table.

Unit 1 continues the very important work on Pension with its partners, APSA and the Polyparty, at the Employee’s Joint Pension Committee. Ross Idler, CUPE National, has been assigned to work with university locals across B.C. but will continue to work with Unit 1 on matters relating to the pension plan.

Ross Idler served CUPE 3338 members for two and a half intensely busy years. He worked with our bargaining committee to win a victory at the Labour Relations Board during the Bargaining in Bad Faith hearings and to eventually settle the contract. In his new role as the CUPE University Coordinator in B.C., Ross will be working closely with all University Locals in the Province at the Universities Coordinated Bargaining Committee (UCBC). Ross will continue to work with our Pension Advisory Committee as we move towards an improved and sustainable pension plan.

Meanwhile, the energetic Rachel Champagne will serve all the units in CUPE 3338 as our new CUPE National servicing representative.

Rachel began her CUPE career early on in working life within the University sector. She was hired by CUPE while she was still president of CUPE local 4879 at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops. Rachel brings a wealth of experience to her new position as she has served more than 50 CUPE Locals. Rachel will act as our local’s representative for the upcoming year.

We are excited to be moving forward with two experienced members of the CUPE National team. The following year looks like it will be a full one as we head back to the bargaining table to negotiate collective agreements for all our hard working members.

To learn a bit more about Ross Idler and Rachel Champagne, please click on their names.

Executive Committee Profiles

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There are 14 positions on the Executive Board. Get to know the people who have been serving on the Executive Board by reading their profiles.

From President Lynne Fowler who has been active in the union for many years, beginning as a shop steward in Library Loans in early 1978 to Mia Nissen the Recording Secretary who have been a member of CUPE 3338 for four years and a current SFU student they all will be working together to advance the interests of the members of CUPE 3338.

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