Elections and Referenda

Election By-Laws


  1. The Local Officers’ terms of office shall be for two (2) years, from April 1 to March 31, except for the Treasurer whose term of office shall be for two (2) years, from May 1 to April 30.
  2. At the first election of officers in the Local the Trustees shall be elected so that one shall serve for a period of three years, one for two years and one for one year. Each year thereafter the Local Union shall elect one (1) Trustee for a three-year period or, in the case of vacancies occurring, elect Trustees to fill only the expired terms in order to preserve overlapping terms of office. Their terms shall run for three years from April 1 to March 31.
  3. A nominee for any office must be a member in good standing of the Local. No person shall hold the same Local Office for more than two (2) consecutive terms.
  4. The nomination of Local Officers shall commence at the regular monthly meeting in February and close at the regular monthly meeting in March.
  5. Election of Local Officers President, two (2) Vice-Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer, Recording Secretary, two (2) Members-at-Large, two (2) Sergeants-at-Arm, and three (3) Trustees shall be by referendum vote.The form of referenda for such elections shall be determined by a membership vote at the close of nominations. The form of vote shall be either a polling station or mail-out ballot.At least fourteen (14) days prior notice of the election shall be given to the membership. The person receiving the largest number of votes in any election shall stand elected. Where only one (1) person stands for a position, a “yes” or “no” vote shall be canvassed: a majority of “yes” votes is required to stand elected.
  6. The two (2) Sergeants-at-Arm shall be responsible for the fair conduct of the balloting in all Local elections and shall be responsible for referenda.In the event that a Sergeant-at-Arms is running for office and is therefore not available to act as a returning officer, the Local Executive shall appoint a returning officer accordingly. No member running for office shall be eligible to act as a returning officer in that election. Each candidate will be allowed one (1) scrutineer at the ballot count and at each polling station. The results of the vote will be announced as soon as possible after the election.
  7. Any protest alleging “unfair ballot” or other irregularities must be presented in writing to the Recording Secretary of the Local within seven (7) days of the results of the vote being announced. Upon receipt of such protest the Local Executive shall meet and if the protest is upheld another vote shall be conducted. All ballots and voting lists shall be held by the Union Office for seven (7) calendar days following the election.


  1. The local President shall preside at all meetings of the Local and the Local Executive, and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees and of all Divisions, and shall be responsible for co-ordination between the Committees and Divisions and the Executive. She/he shall perform such other duties as are consistent with the C.U.P.E. Constitution B.3.1.
  2. The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President, and shall assume the authority and duties of the President in her/his absence, as per the C.U.P.E. constitution B.3.2. Where two (2) Vice-Presidents are duly elected, they shall be designated as “1st” and “2nd” Vice-President, by majority vote at an Executive meeting, with the “2nd Vice-President” serving in the absence of the “1st Vice-President”.
  3. The Recording-Secretary, as per the C.U.P.E. Constitution B.3.3., shall be responsible for taking accurate minutes of meetings of the Local and of the Local Executive and for making available to the Communications Committee all pertinent decisions. She/he may be responsible for official correspondence as directed by the Local membership or by the Local Executive.
  4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain accurately and properly such bookkeeping systems as shall be set up under the instruction of the Local Executive and as shall be consistent with the provisions of C.U.P.E. Constitution B.3.4. to B.3.9. She/he shall present financial statements at each membership meeting, and shall circulate an audited financial report to the Local Executive no later than May 31 of each year. This report shall be presented to the membership no later than the June General Membership meeting.
  5. The Trustees shall audit the books of the Secretary-Treasurer and shall exercise general supervision over the property of the Local as is consistent with the National Constitution B.3.10 to B.3.12.
  6. The Sergeants-at-Arm shall be responsible for the fair conduct of balloting in all Local elections, and shall act as the Returning Officers for all Local referenda. They shall assist the President (or designated Chairperson) in counting votes at all General Membership meetings, and shall eject any noncompliant members requested to leave any meeting of the Local by the Chairperson.
  7. The Members-at-Large shall serve as liaison between the General Membership and the Executive. They shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Board from time to time.

Volunteer Positions on the Union’s Executive Board

The following descriptions are broad, but they do provide a general sense of what the executive positions are about. If you have any questions about the amount of time involved or about another aspect of the position, please don’t hesitate to contact a current executive member, or the Member Services Coordinator, Jan Gunn (cupe@sfu.ca/2-5494) for more information.

Duties of All Table Officers (All positions are 2-year terms)

  1. Represent the membership
  2. Communicate with members and carry out duties of the Local as conveyed by the membership
  3. Attend Executive meetings on a regular basis ­ usually every two weeks for an hour
  4. Attend meetings with Senior Administration as required-usually once a semester for an hour
President (1 position)
  1. Attend Grievance Committee meetings
  2. Attend Senior Admin. meetings
  3. Attend Employee Council meetings
  4. Attend Labour Management meetings
  5. Attend Uni. Coordinated Bargaining Committee meetings
  6. Attend certain number of Step Two Grievance meetings and arbitrations
  7. Attend certain number of Labor Relations Board sessions
  8. Keep your finger on the pulse of the Local
Vice-President (2 positions)
  1. Help the President with his/her duties
  2. Attend Grievance Committee meetings
  3. Attend Senior Admin. Meetings
  4. Attend Labour Management meetings
  5. Attend other meetings as necessary
Secretary-Treasurer (1 position)
  1. Keep ledger of expenses and income of local each month
  2. Present ledger to the executive for approval and then to General Membership (G.M.) for approval
  3. Keep account of year to date expenses and income and present same to executive and to G.M.
  4. Prepare yearly budget and present to executive and to G.M.
  5. Keep track of all Local’s finances and accounts with aid of Member Services Coordinator (MSC)
  6. Prepare financial information with aid of MSC for the yearly audit by Trustees
Sergeant-at-Arms (1 position)
  1. Responsible for order in GM meetings
  2. Responsible for all referendum votes and elections
  3. Takes on other duties as duties as required by President, Executive or Membership
    • Trustee (1 position for 1 year)
      Trustee (1 position for 2 years)
      Trustee (1 position for 3 years)
  1. Act as the auditing committee of the Local, auditing the books annually to ensure all expenditures are properly authorized
  2. Make an annual audit report to the National Secretary-Treasurer in accordance with the CUPE Constitution.