Bargaining Bulletin #4

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Sept. 7, 2012                                                                                                                                      #4

 Strike Vote set for Sept. 25, 26, 27

Your Executive and Bargaining Committee agree — we need a strong strike mandate. The Executive has unanimously passed a motion to hold our strike vote at the end of this month.

The employer has consistently blocked our attempts to bargain in good faith during the two years since our contract expired. After listing all the things that CUPE 3338 members should be willing to give up, the employer has refused to seriously consider a single one of our proposals.

We have been told that there is money in the university budget, but the employer won’t tell us how much. They have said that they fully intend to use any money available to try to fix the ailing SFU Pension Plan.

Where we stand

  • Are we willing to let the employer decide if there are ‘leftover funds’ for us?
  • Are we willing to accept more years of zeros?
  • As older members, will we stand by while the employer destroys our pension plan?
  • As younger members, do we want to see the hard-won benefits like vacations, sick leave and even weekends lost because we weren’t willing to stand together?

It’s time to get informed about our ‘bargaining stalemate.’ It’s time to come to a CUPE 3338 town hall meeting and find out why you should vote “YES, I stand behind my union negotiators, YES, I will protect my rights and YES, I want a fair and reasonable wage increase.”


Town Hall Meetings


Drop by on any of the following dates to discuss collective bargaining and the importance of the upcoming strike vote one-on-one with members of your executive committee.

Surrey Campus: Monday, Sept. 10, 11am to 2pm Room 4010

Burnaby Campus:  Wednesday, Sept. 12, 8am to 1pm Halpern Centre 114

Vancouver Downtown Campus: Thursday, Sept. 13, 11am to 2pm Room 2200

Final Information Session: September 20th 12:30pm to 1pm. Via video conference in Burnaby – Halpern Centre Room 126, Vancouver – Room 2250, Surrey – Room 3150.