72 hour Strike Notice Served

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Oct 2, 2012                                                                                                                                                         #5

 72-hour Strike Notice Filed

 Your Bargaining Committee has joined the rest of the university sector in moving to job action. CUPE 3338 along with locals from UBC, UNBC and TRU filed 72-hour strike notice on Monday during the regular BC CUPE University Coordinated Bargaining Committee meeting in Vancouver. That will put us in a legal position to carry out job action by midday on Thursday, Oct. 4.

Your Executive has endorsed the move as the only way forward to pressure SFU to get to the table with a mandate to bargain in good faith for a collective agreement after more than two years of fruitless talks.

The decision comes in the wake of the tentative settlement with 27,000 BCGEU members for a no concessions four-year deal with 1-1-1-1% wage increases in the second two years. With that deal on the table and BC’s volatile political climate, UCBC members are convinced that we must act now to press our demands for a fair and reasonable contract.

SFU’s refusal to negotiate monetary items until their pension table is finished is unacceptable. They are using that choice to avoid bargaining with us in good faith and the time has come to let them know that their choices are either to negotiate with us now or face escalating job action.

At 12:01pm on Thursday Oct. 4, CUPE 3338 will institute an overtime ban. More job action will follow.