CUPE Wins!

Unit 3 –FBS (Simon Fraser Student Society Food and Beverage Services):

A member of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) made a motion on the floor of their Annual General Meeting (AGM) that SFSS cease to operate the Food and Beverage Services (FBS). The motion was not approved on the AGM floor. The SFSS Board added the following resolution to their already-packed Special General Meeting (SGM) agenda in order to address the issue:

“Whereas the Food and Beverage Services (FBS) is comprised of the Highland Pub, The Higher Grounds Coffee Shop, The Ladle vegetarian restaurant, and catering services; Whereas this is a non-binding opinion poll; Whereas the SFSS is interested in seeking the membership’s opinion; Are you in favour of continuing to operate the Food and Beverage Services?”

In response to this being added to the SFSS SGM agenda, CUPE took action. Flyers containing speaking points about the issue and sticker-buttons were created and distributed to the SFSS membership as they entered the SGM meeting floor. All but three members of the SFSS voted YES! to continue providing food and beverage services.

Submitted by Rachel Champagne, National Representative